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Golden Grant Rules: eBook

The Ultimate Guide For Winning Government Grants.

100 Golden Grant Rules. Don’t waste countless hours trying to figure out government grants. Get the knowledge, experience, and skills to succeed in government grants NOW.

Who this book is for

  • Grant Writers

    Learn essential skills for being a successful grant writer.

  • Businesses

    Learn tips about how your business can win grants.

  • Not-for-profit organizations

    Learn the skills required to become successful at grants

About the Author

David Kincade, MA

Grant Writer, Instructor, and Author David Kincade

David’s background includes 11 years as a successful grant writer totalling over $10 million in wins. He is the lead instructor for the Advanced Grant Writing Course. David is the author of Golden Grant Rules: The Ultimate Guide for Winning Government Grants. Prior to Alberta Business Grants, David worked for four years at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as a finance research analyst and executive assistant. He has taught political science students at the University of British Columbia, Wilfrid Laurier University, Grant MacEwan University, and the University of New Brunswick. David holds a Master's degree in Canadian Politics specializing in media and public opinion.


  • Why should I read this book?

    This book will help you win a grant and avoid frustrating grant traps.

  • Is this an eBook of paper back?

    eBack. It's a PDF which you can easily read on any device.

  • Is it long to read?

    No. It's a 100 tips by category, such as "finding grants" or "meeting grant agencies." It's written for busy professionals.

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Learn from a professional grant writer how to win your grant.